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Artist Statment

I am an interdisciplinary conceptual artist who is not restrained ideas on art forms. My practice has crossed installation, video, and interactive performance art. My early interests were digital media visual works, which are mostly image collages to present an uncanny situation. Now I am aiming to be a more site-specific, performative, conceptual and minimalistic artist who could show something that is the most simple, yet precise and powerful. My artworks explore the present contrast in city and nature, private and public, land and raw elements, everlasting ocean and time. In another word, to cast a shadow at the darkroom where such realm is the norm.

My recent interest in research is to discover different perspectives of human beings as individuals in relation to public activities. For example, my previous work “Lonely crowd" is an interactive performance artwork which took place outside the ACCA building, and participants were invited to follow a series of instruction alone with a noise-cancelling headphone on. When the outer communication is blocked, the participates are seemingly isolated, the overwhelming self-conscious blossoms from the nurturing soil of complete silence. It challenges the blurry boundary between private and public with the connection between inner voice and outer silence. 

It is in my believe that visualisation of particular space is determined by self-consciousness, our senses could be awakened or misled just by the smallest thing, which eventually shaken the balance between inner self and outer self if we are provided by different situations. As the current disconnection of nature is never more profound, my artwork focus on the relationship between natural surroundings. In the field of using basic elements to enhance the viewer’s experience.


I was born and raised in China and is now based in Melbourne.In the past decade I had art education experience in China, UK and Australia with major in film and digital media and a minor in spatial design. In 2017, I received my honours degree in media arts at University of New South Wales. In 2019 I completed my master degree major in Public Art in RMIT, Melbourne. The exposure to many different cultural contexts had changed the way in which I perceive my own culture. Some of the works speak to this personal observation. I had worked both independently and in collaboration. In 2015, I had volunteered in producing work alongside artists Laurence Payot and Ailie Rutherford for the LightUp Lancaster Festival. Additionally, I have also participated in the 2017 Sydney Fringe Festival as an assistant photographer, videographer, and post production.



  • UNSW (Art & Design), Australia, 2013- 2017
          Bachelor of Media Arts(Honours)/Minor in Spatial Design

  • University of Lancaster, UK, 2015.10-2015.12
          Exchange program major in Film Study

  • UIBE, Beijing, China, 2016.01
       Short-term program major in Chinese Cinema

  • RMIT, Australia 2018-2019
      Master of Arts( Art in Public space)

Work / Volunteer Experience

  • Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia.(Volunteer)
    Talks and films session, June 2015

  • The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, UK. (Volunteer) 
    Performance and audience assistant,Oct-– Dec 2015
  • Luky Studio, Sydney, Australia. (Intern)
    Video editor/ Filming assistant/ Event photographer, Aug–- Nov 2016

  • Sydney Fringe Festival, Australia. (Intern)
    Videographer/Photograph documentation/Postproduction. September 2017

Exhibition Experience

  • People Pavilion “LightUp Lancaster Festival”, UK,2015
  •  -- I volunteered as a member of this project that produced for LightUp Lancaster Festival with artists Laurence Payot and Ailie Rutherford. 

  • UNSW ANNUAL 2017,  “Situation”, 2017

  • ACCA Forecourt,  “Lonely Crowd” 2018

  • First Site Gallery  “Lonely Fog”                                   “Nature in-between us”    2019    

  • Testing Grounds 2019 

  •  Project Space RMIT  “MAPS annual exhibition” 2019