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Live sculpture 

  • live moss 
  • stone & sand
  • water bottles

Zen / contemplative installation



(Austere Sublimity)


This work reveals the modern disconnection between nature and humanity. I found that a muddy jungle of concrete can hardly provide people with the calming atmosphere of nature, consequently leading to a chaotic state of mind. Drawing on my East Asian cultural background, when I encounter nature I feel a sense of respect and spiritual purification. Influenced by My personal practice of creating bonsai and moss art, I am often overwhelmed by the aesthetic beauty and calmness of nature. Through the years of study n Spatial design, I am getting increasingly interested in the variety of effects from different space. From these personal experiences, I began to explore how nature can create a contemplative atmosphere to cope my modern anxiety. Particularly looking at how Zen and stone garden art influence and supplement each other. I have consequently created a Zen stone installation as a personal response to modern anxiety, and hopes this installation will assist others in coping with anxiety too. This project ultimately manifests in a small zen stone garden installation composed of moss, stone, sand, and found objects from nature.

Deeply influence by Zen Buddhism, the work is about to see the existence of the objects in their raw state, and try to discover their the beauty and the relationship when we encounter them in different space and time. 

Everything about the work is me constantly learning and understanding the art of Zen, and finally transform the Formless mind into work. In addition,I invite other viewers to share this completive atmosphere when they encounter the work at a unexpected space, which the ability of concentration will be enhanced.My idea of true worship to nature is to become one truly understand the Fundamental Subject as it express itself. The stone installation appeals directly to the depth of our being, because I feel it touches the Formless Self.


“Here we feel the presence of No Mind, of an unintentional quality that is artless and natural, the kind of Naturalness beyond mere naturalness, made by man but nevertheless truly natural and far from any element of exertion.”


                                                  –Shin’ichi Hisamatsu

Displace nature

(space and time)

(New awareness of the object being)